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GHA Scholarship 2017


GHA Scholarship will be available at a later date.  Consistent with our kaupapa-Maori focus, this accounting specific scholarship aims to support greater Māori representation within the business community by proactively fostering and encouraging Māori into the profession of accounting.  We are seeking applications from Māori students who are keen to enter the accounting profession and are committed to the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CAANZ) pathway.


We have a total scholarship pool of $10,000 to be awarded to the right applicant(s).  The minimum scholarship award is $2,000.

Closing date

To be confirmed

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from exceptional full-time Māori students who have demonstrated academic excellence, have an enthusiasm and commitment to work with Māori and are passionate about using their talent to benefit whanau, hapū and iwi.

Preference will be given to descendants of clients of GHA.  If you require assistance with identification in this regard please contact us directly through the key contact listed below.

Selection Process
The application submitted will be reviewed and considered by a GHA selection panel.  The total number of scholarships and final value to be awarded will be determined by the panel and applicants will be advised of the final selection outcomes.

Conditions attached to acceptance of this award

As a successful recipient of this scholarship, you may be required to attend a GHA awards ceremony and be profiled on our website.

Further Information and Application Form



Please contact our office or 07 348 3599 for further details.

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